Resident Evil 2 Windows 10

A handful of gamers with Windows 10 systems have complained of issues related to this year’s first horror entry – Resident Evil 2. Of all the issues that have been discussed, the most common issue users faced was a black screen when they tried to run the game.

Black screen issues are quite common and almost every gamer must have experienced it at some point. Here are some fixes, tips and tricks to fix the darkness.

Fix 1

The first problem might be a windowed black screen. If that’s the issue, here’s what to do –

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Hold down ALT and press ENTER.
  3. Change the settings to match your display’s native resolution.

Fix 2

This is a common practice you must keep in mind while installing and running new games –

  • Update DirectX to its latest version.
  • Update VCRedist to its latest version.
  • Update dotNet Framework to its latest version.
  • Update Windows to its latest version.
  • Update Graphics Card driver to its latest version.

Fix 3

If the aforementioned fails to fix your issue, try following Steam Draumo’s advice. They wrote –

My game was crashing on startup with a black window. I looked in the Windows Event Viewer and RE2 was crashing due to a file called “nahimicv3devprops2.dll” in my case. I opened my Task Manager and ended all the tasks with “Nahimic” in their name and the game started up just fine.

Apparantly the file is associated with the programs Sonic Studio and Sonic Radar which are associated with ASUS motherboards. I unistalled both those programs just in case since I use an external DAC anyways and not onboard audio.

Moral of the story: ending the tasks and getting rid of anything with “Nahimic” in the name fixed the game.

Hopefully, these might help you fix the issue. If your issue continues, feel free to drop a comment below or mail us at [email protected] If any other issues occur, reach us and we’ll be at your service.

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