The Windblume Holiday Trivia in Genshin Impact includes a side quest called “Flavor of the Month.” This side quest requires players to gather various ingredients in order to prepare a special dish. In Dragonspine, you’ll find these unique ingredients. Use the steps below to complete this task easily!

How to Begin

While the Windblume Festival is in progress, players can complete the Flavor of the Month side quest!

  • Go to Event Overview.
  • Select Invitation of Windblume.
  • Choose Festive Anecdotes.
  • Scroll down to the Act II section.
  • To add “Flavor of the Month” to your mission screen, press “Go to Quest”.

First Objective

  • Meet with Brook and speak with her. Brook can be found near the Cooking Fire in Springvale.
  • Ask “What’s wrong?”.
  • Brook will explain that she wants to make a special dish and will need Dragonspine ingredients in order to do so.
  • Offer your assistance to look for an adventurer named Schuster.

Second Objective

  • Visit Dragonspine.
  • Begin your search and go to the location marked on your map. You will find Schuter there.
  • Go over and talk to him, you’ll notice that he’s very cold. You’ll need to light a fire to warm him up.

Third Objective

  • You will notice an extinguished fire next to Schuster. Light it up!
  • You will need a Pyro elemental character to accomplish this. Amber is a good fit for the job! To reactivate it, simply use a Pyro ability on fire.

  • Talk to Schuster after you’ve lit the fire. Inquire if he’s all right, and then inquire about Brook’s commission.
  • Schuster will deliver some cold meat to you that he was supposed to deliver to Brook.
  • Return to Springvale with the meat.

Fourth Objective

  • Return to Springvale with the cold meat Schuster has given you.
  • Give the meat to Brook.
  • She will tell you that she needs dandelion seeds and slime condensate for the recipe.
    • You can go and get them, or you can just give her the ones you have on hand.

The mission is completed when the dandelion seeds and slime condensate are delivered to Brook!


  • 20,000x Mora Coins
  • 20x Primogems
  • 2x Hero’s Wit

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