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This isn’t just a frightening game. This is a frightening game that you must fully explore in order to escape. Your child is stuck after the store closes, and you’ll have to make it until 6 a.m. That’s six and a half hours spent in a play area full of killer robots.

Security Breach, a new first-person horror game that puts you in direct charge as you flee a swarm of increasingly demented automatons, gives Five Nights At Freddy’s a serious makeover. Freddy and the crew are all here, along with some new opponents to be cautious of relying solely on security cameras. Sure, you’ll use your flashlight to gently tiptoe along complex passageways. In addition, you’ll have to defend your security room from waves of marauding robots. Yes, there’s a smidgeon of classic Five Nights gaming here.

Security Breach 11:30 to 12:00

Image Courtesy of DarkTaurus

You’ll start by hopping out of Freddy Fazbear’s robotic chest cavity and assisting him in breaking free. Begin by gathering the Fazwatch. You can use it to follow cameras, look at the map, read messages, and keep track of your mission’s progress.

Free Freddy

  • Use the button on the wall to the left of the arcade machine in the room’s corner to release Freddy. The back chamber is now accessible. Climb up the boxes to the right of the Save Station to reach the vent by going inside (don’t miss the Save Station).
  • Crawl your way out of the lobby through the vent. Each member of the band has a distinct perspective. Before leaving, make a point of seeing Chica, Montgomery, Roxanne, and Freddy. On the far side of the room, exit through the shutter door.
  • Use the present under Freddy’s standee to get the Photo Pass in the hallway. Return to Freddy’s room and interact with the door on the left side of the window.


  • Re-enter Freddy’s chest and make your way to the door to the left of the shutter we just utilized. Look for a door with a silhouette of a Red Fazbear and a sign that says Utility Tunnels.
  • Freddy will take command in the tunnels and lead you to the nearest First Aid Station, essentially to teach you how to hide. Use the station as a hiding spot, and keep a lookout for more hiding spots throughout the Pizzaplex.
  • The security guard will confront Freddy while you’re hiding. Return to Freddy after the cutscene and return to the main tunnel. Continue walking along the corridor until you reach the end. You’ll have to leave Freddy when he’s out of power if you take the stairs up.
  • The Lobby is your next target. You’ll have to travel alone. Chica will be waiting for you ahead. To distract her, interact with the stack of cans, then sneak through the bathroom and past her. She will never notice you here if you stay low and sneaky.
  • Continue on until you get to a Save Station in the green/pink corridors. Montgomery will appear in the utility corridor ahead. Take a right down the hall, then a left up the stairs. Chica will also make an appearance. As soon as you reach the first Security Room, sprint up the stairs.

Security Room

  • To unlock the Cameras tab on your Fazwatch in the Security Room, press the green button on the desk. You may now check ahead of time by cycling through cameras. While you’re hiding, you can check cameras to see whether the coast is clear.
  • Chica moves clockwise through the corridors ahead of her. Stay low and slow behind her, and use the cameras to keep an eye on her. There’s a chance she’ll notice you when she turns. They’ll attack if they even see you. Make use of the cameras to find the safest path through the corridor.
  • You’ll arrive at the Lobby after avoiding Chica. If you rush to the main entrance, the shutters will close after you, keeping you in for the night. You’ll have to keep going till 6 a.m. You’ve only just begun your trek through the Pizzaplex.

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