FNAF: Security Breach 12:00 to 1:00 Guide


The park is closed after midnight till 6 a.m. Robots and animatronics monitor the massive lobby area, looking for mischievous children. You’ll be able to see the world through any surrounding cameras at this point. It’s really useful for advancing without being discovered by a mad animal mascot.

Check out the complete tutorial below if you’re having trouble escaping the Lobby or avoiding the scary Daycare.

Security Breach 12:00 to 1:00

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In the Lobby, look for a standee with all four animatronic figures on the far right side. To obtain the Entry Pass, use the present! The main Pizzeria is your next destination, but you’ll need to update your Entry Pass to get there. You must go to Customer Service and find the Upgrade Machine.

No Re-Entry

Chica patrols the Lobby, accessing the fountain square and ascending and descending the left and right stairwells. There are also security robots patrolling the area. If you step into their flashlight, these robots will make a noise and alert Chica to your whereabouts. Security robots are far less difficult to deal with and cannot capture you. If you are apprehended, hide until Chica returns to her regular patrol route.

You must accomplish two stages in order to finish this quest.

  1. Enter the Glamrock Gift Shop on the second floor through the door on the right side of the balcony, just to the right of the locked Daycare door, from the Lobby. To get the Mr. Hippo Magnet, go downstairs and open the gift in the first-floor room.
  2. Enter the Pizzeria on the second floor’s left side to reach Customer Service. Use the back-right corner terminal after passing via the back-right corner entrance, the kitchen, and downstairs. You can receive a Daycare Pass by using the Entry Pass, then placing the Magnet.

The Daycare Pass is useless. You’ll need a higher security clearance to enter the central hub. On the right side of the second-floor balcony is the Daycare entrance.

The Superstar Daycare’s interior is secure. You have complete freedom to explore. When you’re ready, look for the Save Station on the far wall and enter the door on the left.

Slide Into Fun

  • The huge Daycare is equipped with a security badge. In the back-right, find the “Slide Into Fun” slide. When Sunny falls into the ball pit down below, you’ll make a new acquaintance.
  • Moony snatches you and refuses to let you go. To flee, you must create a distraction. Interact with the neighboring pile of blocks (to distract him more, just push over anything else in the room.)
  • Look for the rainbow on the far end of the play area to acquire the Security Badge. There is a large TV screen in the room. Distract Moony, then dash over to the location. You can always try again if you get caught. Moony isn’t going to hurt you just yet.
  • Get to the security station as soon as possible and get the Security Badge. As a result, the lights go out, and Sunny shifts.

Let There Be Light

  • Sunny becomes Moony, a terrifying stalker who follows you around the play area. Collect the Flashlight from the Freddy Charger because the location is completely dark. To turn the lights back on and escape Moony, you’ll need to locate and reset five generators.
  • Moony is an unpredictably sluggish stalker. Simply flee from him. He can’t go into the play structures on the second and third levels, which are all interconnected. Run to the play structure entrances with your flashlight in hand. In the Security Station, you’ll also be safe. Moony is terrified of bright light, so your flashlight slows her down.

Search the ground for black cables to locate the generators. Follow them once you’ve seen them. From the standpoint that you’re starting at the Security Station, we’ll provide general locations for each generator.

Generator #1 On the bottom level of the right-hand play structure.
Generator #2 The right-hand play structure’s second story. To get there, climb to the top level and descend down the blue tubes.
Generator #3 On the top floor of the play structure in the center.
Generator #4 On the bottom floor of the play structure in the center.
Generator #5 Finally, at the left play structure’s top floor.

The lights will turn on if all five generators are hit. You can now leave the area safely through the entrance to the left of the Security Station. You’ll be flung outside, where you’ll meet up with other characters. To get away, quickly jump onto Freddy Fazbear, who is directly in front of you.

Escape The Daycare

  • Leave in the same direction you came. Return to the Daycare’s main door. Return to the Charging Station in 5 minutes by going upstairs and exiting.
  • When you return, you’ll have completed the quest and opened a path to the Pizzaplex’s main hub. Return to the Lobby and take the elevator to the second floor.

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