FNAF Security Breach: All Endings Guide

In Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach, surviving isn’t the only thing that counts. You play as a tiny boy caught in a giant “Pizzaplex” — an indoor amusement complex with the world’s most difficult night security in this colossal, fully-featured sequel of the hit Five Nights series. You’ll have to make it till 6:00AM after going out too late and being trapped inside. Surviving, on the other hand, only leads to one conclusion. There are three outcomes to choose from, each with its own set of peculiar criteria.

Normal Ending: Superstar

All you have to do to get the typical conclusion is get to the finish of the game – at the very end, you’ll have the option to exit through the Lobby door. You’ll get the standard finale if you decide to go.

Bad Ending: Disassembled

This conclusion is more difficult to achieve and needs a subsequent step in the game. With the Fazerblaster, you must reach the standard Superstar finish.

  • You’ll be given two assignment objectives later in the game: go to Monty Golf or Fazer Blast. Pick Fazer Blast.
  • Fazerblaster can be unlocked by visiting Fazer Blast and completing the task. Shock robots with this unique weapon!
Screengrab Courtesy of Rubhen925 via YouTube
  • Enter the vent to the left side of the table after you’ve collected the Fazerblaster. When you exit the vent, the player-character will have a discussion about Vanny the mystery bunny.
  • You’ll know you’ve unlocked the bad ending when Gabriel mentions Vanny. Keep playing until 6:00AM when you’ll be able to exit. You’ll be given a third choice: keep going until you approach the exit doors, then select Vanny.

Good Ending: Are you having fun yet?

The “Good” conclusion is the most intriguing of the bunch. You must locate and play three secret arcade machines in order to obtain this ending. You’ll also have to get the Fazerblaster for this one.

  • Get the Fazerblaster in the Fazer Blast area.
  • Next, you must play 3x Princess Quest arcade machines in the right order.
Screengrab Courtesy of Rubhen925 via YouTube
    • First Arcade Machine: Go to Glamrock Beauty Salon near Roxy Raceway.
    • Second Arcade Machine: Go to DJ Music Man’s Arcade.
    • Third Arcade Machine: This will be available during the Disassembled ending.

You must fulfill the conditions and activate the Disassembled Ending after playing two of the arcade machines. When you start that ending, you’ll be sent to a special area containing the final Princess Quest arcade machine. Play it through one more time to get a good ending!

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