Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach consists of a few puzzles throughout its runtime. However, none of them are more complex to crack than the one in the back of Mazercise. Though frustrating, this puzzle is important to fight Monty Gator and steal his claws during his route at exactly 04:00 A.M. This emphasizes the importance of solving this particular puzzle.

It is crucial for anyone who has ventured onto that path or is striving to unlock the “true ending.” Hence, for players struggling to reach Monty’s boss fighting arena, here is a quick guide on how to crack and solve the Mazercise puzzle and make an escape through the concealed vents.

Route to Mazercise

  • Go to the security room where the Faz Camera is located. You will find a box with the Mazercise pass there. Unless if you found the Faz Camera from Monty’s Grill, you will need to go through the Mazercise.
  • Then go to Mazercise and the control room, which players can find in the small office in the back room, but you have to return to the children’s section to get the note mentioned above before attempting the task.
  • Along the way, keep a close eye out for Roxanne Wolf stalking the Mazercise floor and Montgomery Gator in the children’s section. Ensure that you remember to save as frequently as possible.
Screengrab Courtesy of LesPlay via YouTube

A Quick Solution to the Mazercise Puzzle

The maze’s various tiles can be shifted horizontally or vertically to solve this problem. By flicking the switch, you can modify the button commands to shift the tiles left/right or up/down. Up/left is on the top section, while down/right is on the bottom section. The switch between Horizontal and Vertical controls can then be toggled.

From the control room, try to use the Fazwatch camera function to explore the maze. Your primary objective is to position the Green Square on the vent location, with the Blue Cross to the right. This puzzle can be at times, prove to be really irritating and outrageously tough. But if you wish to solve it, you can follow the precise methods offered by Steam User Schlumbus that is listed below:

  • Vertical: Up – Press #3 Button three times.
  • Horizontal: Left – Press #1 Button one time.
  • Vertical: Up – Press #3 Button three times.
  • Horizontal: Left – Press #1 Button two times.
  • Horizontal: Right – Press #2 Button three times.

You will require inputting the settings mentioned above in a precisely similar fashion after resetting your saved file. In case if you make a mistake, you can reload or try to work your way back by looking at the camera and see if you can still try to solve the puzzle. The easiest way out, however, is to reload.

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