Guy, the protagonist, is an NPC who learns that he is an NPC in a game that is about to go inactive. So he emerges as a kind of NPC in Fortnite. While Guy’s physical body does not appear in the game as recently as Batman and Superman, there are many prerecorded messages from him that will be played at ATMs to provide players with challenges.

ATM Locations

Apres Ski Craggy Cliffs Dirty Docks Holly Hedges
Lazy Lake Misty Meadows Orchard Pleasant Park
Retail Row Risky Reels Slurpy Swamp Believer Beach
Weeping Woods

After completing Guy at the ATMs’ five challenges, you’ll be able to use the Good Guy emote to greet other gamers with a good day in Ryan Reynolds’ vocals. The taunt will be used near an enemy in a sixth task.

Free Guy Challenges

Between August 12 and September 6, these Free Guy Missions will be accessible in the battle royale. The skin has blonde hair and depicts Ryan Reynolds, and the Good Guy emote allows you to praise surrounding gamers in a comical way.

Get hit by a moving vehicle 1x.
Place coins around the map 3x.
Reboot or revive teammates / Interact with campfires 1x.
Take melee damage 1x.
Talk with any NPC 1x.
Use Free Guy Emote near an opponent 1x.
  • Guy describes how often he has been struck by a vehicle as an NPC before challenging gamers to do so as well. The NPC challenge is designed to push some NPCs to their limits. The melee challenge is to work as part of a group, particularly to take some damage for the team. Fortnite is a violent place, the campfire challenge entails assisting others.
  • Guy is attempting to persuade Fortnite gamers to make the planet a nicer, or at the very least, a more prosperous place, through the coin task. The final challenge is to use the newly unlocked emote in front of someone, which will almost certainly cause you to perish quickly.

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