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The Battle Bus is a customized bus that flies over the battlefield with a Vindertech-branded balloon on top of it. The bus resembles a school bus, but it is blue and reads “Battle Bus” on the rear instead of “School Bus”. It looks a lot like the all-new Armored Battle Bus, but this time it can be driven by any player and has a seating capacity of more than 4 passengers.

A new dangerous vehicle, the Armored Battle Bus, was released during Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 3. However, unlike any other vehicle, it takes participation from the Fortnite audience to materialize. It’s well armored, has giant wheels that can handle any surface, a cowcatcher in the front, and two functional weapons, making it the ultimate vehicle.

Battle Bus Be Needin’ Some Spendin’ $$$

The Armored Battle Bus is only accessible once you donate Gold Bars at one of the map’s funding stations. You and other players can unlock this bus in the game. 50 Gold Bars are the maximum donation per player.

The Armored Battle Bus will become available to gamers once a specific funding station has reached 100% funding. Unlike other vehicles, the Battle Bus requires teamwork from the Fortnite community to appear.


Funding stations can be found in a variety of spots around the map, each with a unique global goal like  Weapons, balloons, a Boogie Bomb, and other items.

Even though Fortnite has numerous funding stations, only a couple work towards obtaining the Armored Battle Bus. These can be found at Sanctuary and Synapse Station.

The first is in Sanctuary, on the map’s eastern edge.

The second station is Synapse Station, which is located on the island’s southern tip.

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