Fortnite update 24.20, the second big patch of Chapter 4 Season 2, is finally available. Its biggest addition is a new crossover with the hugely popular anime series Attack On Titan. Today, Eren Jaeger, who is now accessible through his Battle Pass objectives, joins Mikasa and Levi skins in the Item Shop. The Fortnite ODM Gear and Thunder Spears are a pair of mythic weapons with an Attack on Titans motif that you can use to dispatch your foes. In this article, we will show you all possible locations of the Attack on Titan ODM Gear Mythic item in Fortnite. Enjoy!

Fortnite: Attack on Titan Eren Yeager ODM Gear Mythic – Where To Find

The long-awaited Attack on Titan crossover is about to make a big splash in Battle Royale, according to the Fortnite version 24.20 patch notes, which have finally been publicly revealed.

The mythic weapon of Attack on Titan is comparable to Spider-Man’s. Other players will also sustain damage from this item. There are essentially two places where you can obtain this.

Fortnite x Attack on Titan
Image Courtesy of GKI via YouTube
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  • MEGA CITY – Fortnite Mythic ODM Gear Location 1

    • You must tread carefully because you will be dealing with other players that essentially want to obtain it as well. The locations where this Fortnite mythic will spawn are located in the middle building of Mega City.
    • You must first climb the stairs of Mega City’s middle building, though you can also access the elevator that enters through the vent. If you succeed, you will arrive on the third floor of the structure where this mythic item is most likely to spawn.
    • You can eventually locate the mythic there if you go around the third level of the structure, but only if the mythic did spawn there.
Screengrab Courtesy of KingAlexHD via YouTube
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  • KENJUTSU CROSSING – Fortnite Mythic Location 2

    • Try searching behind the Tree here. If the mythic isn’t around, enter the building. The mythic would occasionally just hang around the building’s corner.
    • The ideal course of action is to ascend to the building’s top floor, where you will locate two chests and a samurai armor. Hopefully the mythic will drop out when you open those chests.
Screengrab Courtesy of KingAlexHD via YouTube
  • PLEASANT PASSAGE – Fortnite Mythic Location 3

    • Enter the middle building, where you will find a large chest. Hopefully the ODM Gear is inside when you open this chest.

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  • FRENZY FIELDS – Fortnite Mythic Location 4

    Fortnite Mythic Location 4
    Screengrab Courtesy of ZRX789 via YouTube
  • SHATTERED SLABS – Fortnite Mythic Location 5

    Fortnite Mythic Location 5 attack on titan
    Screengrab Courtesy of ZRX789 via YouTube
  • ANVIL SQUARE – Fortnite Mythic Location 6

    Fortnite Mythic Location 6
    Screengrab Courtesy of ZRX789 via YouTube
  • BRUTAL BASTION – Fortnite Mythic Location 7

    Fortnite Mythic Location 7 attack on titan
    Screengrab Courtesy of ZRX789 via YouTube
  • SLAPPY SHORES – Fortnite Mythic Location 8

    Fortnite Mythic Location 8
    Screengrab Courtesy of ZRX789 via YouTube

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