Epic Games hasn’t updated patch notes in a long time; if anything, we’ve had to rely on their Trello to see what concerns they’re aware of in the game and which would be addressed on every patch. Gamers will be able to appreciate a handful of the latest balance changes and features, according to the official Fortnite Twitter feed!


Fortnite Balance Changes and Fixes

  • Unable to create Player Pool.
  • The Code Green packaging display.

Battle Royale Mode

  • 999MS ping on “Automatic” region setting.
  • Performance Mode or Mobile game visibility within the stormy weather.
  • Character #17 error.

Creative Mode

  • A bug causes players to appear with a spike despite having this option disabled in Creative.
  • Vehicle bug on Creative Mode.

Save the World Mode

  • “Directive: Mission Alert 2!” save file bug.
  • The last hit of melee weapons is slower than normal, regardless of the bonuses that our character has. This is most evident with swords.

Mobile Version

  • Objects appear blurry in the lobby on the Nintendo Switch version.
  • The 3D resolution resets to 75% every time we start Fortnite, even if the players saved it to 100%.

Patch 16.20

According to the Twitter account FortniteStatus, which is responsible for reporting on the current status of the video game, the changes that occur with patch 16.20 are the following:

  • New vehicle modifications in the form of different types of tires.
  • New Duet Cupfocused on the use of bows.
  • Matchmaking of up to 50 players in Creative Mode.
  • Epic Games also added support for PC gamers to resolve and optimize server consistency. This patch will boost the performance and resolve the problem when connecting to the map in replays.

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