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Mythic weapons in Fortnite are unique and that they often require a significant amount of effort to obtain. Only one person in each battle may own them. Mythic weapons are also in high demand since they have stronger bonuses. A couple of which are faster fire rate and more maneuverability.

Chapter 3 Mythic Weapons

Fortnite Chapter 3 has now been released, allowing players to experiment with new features and environments. Chapter 3 introduces new gameplay features as well as new mythic weapons based on the new season theme.

The Foundation’s MK-Seven Assault Rifle

Only after defeating The Foundation NPC in Fortnite may you obtain the first mythic weapon. The Foundation will be exploring the Sanctuary compound in the map’s eastern region.

Due to The Foundation’s enormous health pool, SMGs and Assault Rifles will be the ideal weapon choices. Another smart technique is to eliminate the other Sentries in his vicinity first since they will rush to his rescue once he is hit. However, be aware that if sentries are also shot, The Foundation will rush to assist them.

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The ideal battle technique against the Foundation is to fire at him while standing steady from a higher height. Stand on a structure or a ramp top. Standing stationary slightly confuses the AI, which is primarily programmed to attack enemies swerving left and right and will quickly knock players out. Also, once The Foundation prepares his rock-throwing move, get behind cover since it will deal a lot of damage and blow out walls.

He will drop the weapon for players to wield once he has been defeated. This mythic assault rifle has a 2.5 times faster fire rate, faster reload, more damage, and first-person point of view when aiming than the ranger assault weapon.

Spider-Man Web-Shooters

  • The Spider-Man Mythic web-shooters are the second Mythic weapon that can be found. The web-shooters weren’t supposed to be fully functional until December 11th.
  • Some enthusiasts, however, have discovered a way to purchase them from NPCs and try them out. Visit the Guaco Fortnite NPC at Greasy Grove in an Arena match after collecting 400 gold and buy it from him.
  • Breaking down beds, chairs, washing machines, and couches will drop a lot of cash for those looking for the easiest way to farm gold in Fortnite. However, once December 11th arrives, there will almost certainly be a simpler way to locate the web-shooters in the Daily Bugle area that do not require gold. This method is for Spider-Man fanatics who want a sneak peek at what it’s like to be Spider-Man.

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