Fortnite Chapter 3: Victory Crown, How To Earn

Fortnite Chapter 3 has brought some very exciting new things to the game. It has kept to its agenda of evolving the game with new maps, mechanics, and content. The Victory Crown is one of the very interesting new things that Chapter 3 has brought to the game. You can find out what it is and how to get it below.


The Victory Crown is earned through competitiveness in the game. So, if players want one, they will have to earn it. It is a golden crown with three Llamas facing three directions. Players will earn a few bonus perks when they acquire the Victory Crown, apart from their bragging rights.


  • The names of players who have a Victory Crown will be highlighted in gold.
  • A golden halo will be generated around the player
  • Plyers will receive access to additional XP for kills, killstreaks, and for killing another Victory Crown owner
  • Winning a match with a Crown will be known as a Crowned Victory
  • Crowned Victories will reward a free emote that displays the players’ number of Crowned Victories.


Chapter 3 has brought in new desirable rewards for players who win matches. Every mode will reward the Victory Crown. At the end of the match, the results screen will reveal the players who have qualified for the crown. Here’s how you can win one in each mode:

  • Solos – The final four players.
  • Duos – Players in the top two teams.
  • Trios – Players in the top team.
  • Squads – Players in the top team.

In addition, defeating a Crowned player is also a method of acquiring a Crown. However, a dropped Crown will show up on the map as an icon on the minimap. So, players will have to be cautious when looting a dropped Crown.

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