Fortnite: Chapter 3, Week 8 Challenge Guide

Fortnite’s weekly challenges have arrived once again, like every Thursday. So, let’s take a look at the tasks that lie ahead for us this week.

Season 1, Week 8

Fortnite has opted to go back to the classics for this third chapter of the Battle Royale after experimenting with quests and challenges for multiple seasons. There are seven tasks a week, each worth 25,000 experience points, that you may complete. Let’s take a look!

Talk to Haven, Shanta, and Galactico (0/1)

To complete the first task, all you have to do is chat to one of the NPCs. To make it easier for you to locate them, we’ve marked the three places on the map below:

Eliminate an opponent in Tilted Towers (0/1)

Due to Tilted Towers’ triumphant return last week, it’s only fitting that our next task will require us to visit this city and take out some enemies in this location. There will be a handful of players there, so be careful!

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Restore health by consuming Klomberries (0/30)

Klomberries, like Tilted Towers, appeared in the recent update. If you eat them, you can regain shield and restore health. This ARTICLE has all the information you need!

Image courtesy of Epic Games

Destroy different types of Cactus plants (0/3)

For this challenge, you must travel to the desert area of the Fortnite map. Once you’ve arrived, the only thing left to do is clear the area of three distinct varieties of cactus, neither of which should be difficult nor time-consuming. CLICK HERE to know more!

Screengrab Courtesy of Ben Ritt via Youtube

Glide for 150 meters after launching from a Klombo’s blowhole (0/150)

For those who haven’t climbed on the Klombo’s head, it’s an adorable gigantic dinosaur that emerged a week ago. To pass this challenge, all you need to do is hover for 150 meters.

Image Courtesy of Tabor Hill

Dance for Llana at a Vending Machine for 5 seconds (0/1)

Even while the task at hand may appear daunting, you should remember that Llana is nothing more than a cute tiny figurine you may find inside a vending machine. After that, all you have to do is dance for 5 seconds to get your reward.

Image Courtesy: Fortnite

Take pizza slices from a Pizza Party item (0/2)

Pizza Party is a brand-new in-game item that restores both life and shield whenever you use it. Learn more about how it works by CLICKING HERE!

Image Courtesy of HYPEX via Twitter

Deal explosive damage (0/100)

Since you are just requested to deal damage, there’s no need for technique in this challenge.  If you’re unsure how, we recommend doing it inside where your enemies will have a difficult time escaping.

Spend Gold Bars (0/200)

On the map you have a whole bunch of NPCs you can spend your gold bars on. You can even spend them on one of the NPCs you are instructed to find in the first challenge.

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