Fortnite: Combat Pistol, How To Get

Season 8 had brought a lot of updates such as bug fixes, the Cube Queen’s secret skin, the Combat Shotgun vs. Boogie Ball vote, new Punch card Quests for players to enjoy. One of the new weapons introduced in v18.30 is the Combat Pistol. Let’s take a look!

Combat Pistols

  • The combat pistol gets added during the v18.30 update. It’s also one of many “Combat” weapons Epic has added during Season 8; alongside the Combat Assault Rifle and Combat SMG.
  • The Combat Pistol is one of the solid new addition to Fortnite, it works similar to a combat assault rifle and it can also use as a regular pistol.
  • It is a semi-auto pistol but doesn’t have the same fire rate as SMG but you can make an impact with this combat pistol if you could land the shots.
  • While using the ADS make sure that you hit the fire button as fast and often as possible, the Combat Pistol will tear through enemies if you are accurate and fast with it.
Image Courtesy of Epic Games
  • The Combat Pistol is available in various rarities, including Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
  • It causes 26 damage per shot to a player and has a high fire rate of 6.8. Due to the high fire rate, it can be used at point-blank range against Cube Monsters or players trapped in corners.
  • Low reload time of 1.3 seconds, which makes the weapon good during the early game, or if nothing else is available.

How To Get

The combat pistol can be found in Chests & Floor Loot or by killing the Caretaker. The weapon that comes in all standard rarities, will be obtainable anywhere with loot spawns, such as on the ground and in chests.

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