Screengrab Courtesy of Vizion

Fortnite has added a new location to its Chapter 3 map, called Covert Cavern, as part of the latest update for Season 1. Let’s take a look!

Of course, the first question on your mind is where you can find this brand-new Fortnite attraction. To locate it, you’ll have to head to the northwest corner of the map, right above the settlement of Camp Cuddle. There is a large mountain nearby. This mountain now has two entrances, one at ground level and one a little higher. Take a look at this map:

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What’s In It? 🧐

Covert Cavern is a new base with a large number of NPCs that will shoot you if they come across you at any point in time. However, according to sources, the layout of the property has not yet been finalized.

  • In fact, we can still hear the excavators at work and see them in action, indicating that the area will continue to change over the next weeks. Even better, a unique weapon may be found right there on the spot.
  • A fabled variant of the Stinger with increased damage but a larger recoil will be available in Covert Cavern, Epic Games stated in its patch note. So, expect a long line to form as soon as word gets out about the existence of this weapon!

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