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Epic Games’ renowned free-to-play battle royale game is around halfway through its first season, Chapter 3. The current Fortnite season has brought a bunch of new features. This includes an entirely new area with fresh fauna and flora, including the aptly called Timber Pines. This mission, on the other hand, is about cacti, which have been there for much longer.

Cactus Plants

Fortnite is introducing a set of missions that will have players doing chores and challenges for large amounts of XP. One of the most recent objectives requires players to find and destroy specific types of cactus plants. These plants can only be found in specified areas of the island.

Because cactus is almost exclusively found in the desert biome in Fortnite, the area is destined to become a wasteland of early elimination. A recently released item, on the other hand, might be able to save players’ lives. The Pizza Party item will be available to gamers beginning today.

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The one-of-a-kind item is a whole Slurpshroom pizza with eight slices that restore 25 health and shields when thrown down. Players can carry up to two slices per slot, restoring their health completely and increasing their shields to 50.

Players that destroy enough different varieties of cacti should receive the regular 25,000 XP award from Chapter 3 Season 1. With a possible revamp of how Fortnite missions operate in the works, another fan has come up with a brilliant locker makeover suggestion that is already gathering popularity with fans online.


Although the quest’s verbiage is simple, players will need to know where they may find various varieties of cactus plants. Cacti of three different types must be destroyed in Fortnite’s southern desert zone. Just northeast of Haven’s Oasis, the named spot situated in the desert’s west end, is a very ideal place to find them all close to each other.

There appear to be three types of cactus plants in Fortnite: a blue-green one with a flower, a classic tall saguaro-like cactus, and short, shrub-like cactus plants.

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