Fortnite Chapter 3 has brought in many new things for players. New challenges and quests are among these changes. “Discover the Device” is one of the first quests in Chapter 3.


The Device is an object of unknown origin. We do not know much of its purpose, but it will help players in the story. It will aid in stopping the Loop. Players will receive a bonus XP. This can boost their chances of acquiring a battle pass.

However, it can be quite easy to miss the Device. The Device is placed in specific locations across the map. Players will have to be careful not to miss out on completing the quests, as well as bagging bonuses.


The devices are placed in different locations across the Fortnite map. However, players will only need to find one device. While the locations will tend to attract players, different locations will help reduce flocking to one spot.

The device is always kept inside a building where AI soldiers stand guard. These buildings are located on Seven bases across the map.

  • At the Seven bases, players will need to find a bunker-like building with a UFO-shaped roof.
  • On the ground floor, players will find two desks with computers.
  • A briefcase will be present beside these desks. This briefcase is the device.
  • Interact with the briefcase to complete the quest
Image Courtesy: Forbes

The Device is merely the first part of a larger challenge in Chapter 3. Further quests will require players to protect black boxes, record seismometer readings, and sabotage drills. However, we do not really know what we are doing. Every quest is a small step that is expected to lead up to something huge. Obviously, the Loop is involved in this.

More Device quests are also expected to come up later in the game, probably in the next week.

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