Fortnite: Free Naruto Kurama Glider, Here’s How

Did you buy the Glider just before Fortnite challenges were out and about? Well, there is a way to get back your money, read on to find out how! The Kurama Glider is available in the stores for a cost of 1,200 V-Bucks. The least amount of V-Bucks that can be purchased is 1,000 for an amount of £6.49/$7.99.

Unless and until you already have a remaining amount or balance, you will be required to pay around £12.98 or $15.98 to acquire enough V-Bucks to purchase the Glider. But players also have the golden chance of getting the same for free if they complete the Fortnite x Naruto Nindo challenge. Though the Nindo tasks have ended, if you participated in these tasks and have successfully unlocked the Glider before purchasing it, you have a definitive chance of receiving your entire money back.

Already purchased the Kurama Glider?

  • You can easily get your V-Bucks back as long as you have purchased the Kurama glider before the 17th of November (11 AM PT or 2 PM ET or 7 PM GMT).
  • The official Twitter account of Fornite read that if players have purchased the Kurama Glider before this mentioned time period then players can unlock the same in the challenge and they will receive the 1,200 V-Bucks back.
  • This amount will get credited to the players’ accounts within seven days of completion of the challenge.

Suppose if you have already spent a Refund Token soon after buying the Kurama Glider, then worry not. Epic got you all covered. “If you instead used a Refund Token after purchasing Kurama and also completing The Nindo Challenge before Nov 17 at [11 am PT / 7 pm GMT] 2 PM ET, we’ll return that token to you after The Nindo has finished as well.”

How to Unlock Kurama Glider For Free

Fortnite players had until November 21 at 8.59 p.m. PT / 11.59 p.m. ET to finish The Nindo tasks. The Nindo challenges were a set of daily chores that resulted in Naruto-themed prizes.

  • 1st Day — Happy Naruto Uzumaki Emoticon
  • 2nd Day — Sad Sakura Haruno Emoticon
  • 3rd Day — Angry Sasuke Uchiha Emoticon
  • 4th Day — Shocked Kakashi Hatake Emoticon
  • 5th Day — All daily challenge emoticons (not yet earned)
  • 6th Daily milestone — Kurama Glider and Shinobi Teamwork loading screen

The above-mentioned list of challenges was unveiled each day and they were “issued by the character was up for grabs”. However, there are other ways to obtain the glider.

The Naruto Task

This task requires the players to attain at least one point on Day 1 in order to unlock the happy Naruto Uzumaki emoticon. In Solo, Duos, Trios, or Squads, one point is awarded for every 100 damage delivered to opponents. Players are also required to earn a minimum of 100 points to unlock the Kurama Glider and Shinobi Teamwork loading screens for the day.

Sasuke’s mission

On day three of the schedule, players must earn at least one point to unlock the angry Sasuke Uchiha emoticon. Each fish caught in Solo, Duos, Trios, or Squads will earn the players one point. Players should earn at least 60 points to unlock the Kurama Glider and Shinobi Teamwork loading screens for the day.

Kakashi mission

On the fourth day, players will be able to earn at least one point in order to unlock the shocked Kakashi Hatake emoticon. For every top-25 finish in Solo, one point is granted. There is no additional game mode or LTM included. Players additionally must earn 10 points to reach the particular day’s milestone for the Kurama Glider and Shinobi Teamwork loading screens.

Get back the Previously Unearned Rewards!

Players will be able to get at least two points on day five so as to obtain all of the unlocked daily challenge emoticon rewards mentioned above. One point is earned for each of the top six Squad members. There is no additional game mode or LTM included. Furthermore, players need to earn up to 12 points to attain the day’s milestone for the Kurama Glider and Shinobi Teamwork loading screens.

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