The Fortnitemare event is now here, and one of the cool things you can do during the event is a werewolf transformation. It’s also a requirement if you want to complete and get all the event rewards available. Transforming into a werewolf will grant you new abilities, adding a new twist to the game while the event runs. Here are the steps you need to take:

Transforming into a Werewolf

To transform into a werewolf, you need to visit an Alteration Altar. There is always one located at the West Island’s Reality Tree. Once you’re there, you’ll spot a pad with a wolf-head projection inviting you. When you do not see any, all the transformations are gone this game, and you’ll have to try next time.

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If it is available, step inside and perform the Ritual emote. The emote is part of all players’ accounts with the Fortnitemare update. After completing the emote, you’ll transform into a werewolf.

Werewolf Abilities

While a werewolf, you’ll access a new weapon called Howler Claws. As long as you have them equipped, you’ll be able to use your werewolf abilities:


Slash allows you to perform a four-hit melee combo on enemies.

Air Slash

Air Slash allows you to perform a double jump. You’ll then damage any opponents nearby after you land.


The Wolfscent is an ability that helps you track nearby enemies. Your character will howl, and you’ll see the mark on a set radius. It will not reveal anything if there are no enemies nearby. Any tracked players will know someone is following them, as they’ll hear an audible heartbeat that will get louder as a werewolf draws closer.

Other Fortnitemare Additions

As mentioned earlier, there are event rewards for those who can complete the quests. Unlocking them requires transforming into a werewolf. There are other quests, such as visiting event locations and using specific items. Completing multiple quests will unlock these items:

  • Everything’s End Glider (5 quests completed)
  • Chrome Cage Back Bling (13 quests completed)
  • Unmaker Pickaxe (25 quests completed)

Fortnitemare will also include a new limited-time mode called Zero Build Horde Rush. Players are already familiar with the Zero Build mode. While building is one of the game features, it can be an intimidating skill to learn for new players. Building is disabled in this mode while players fight against a horde.

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A series of AI enemies will try to thwart the players trying to survive. There will be quests specific to the Zero Build Horde Rush. Completing it will also unlock a special reward. The event will stay after November 1, though Epic hasn’t specified dates.

Aside from the events, new items are available in the Item Shop. Some of these were completed and inspired by March’s Concept Royale winners.

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