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In honor of the NBA’s 75th anniversary and NBA All-Star 2022, players can explore the NBA 75 All-Star Hub creative map created by team Atlas Creative. A new questline has been added to the game, with three stages to complete. To obtain XP and the High Hoops Spray, players must simply make baskets in the All-Star Hub.

NBA All-Star Hub

Shooting baskets won’t register on the quest information if players go into Creative mode and enter the All-Star Hub through there. But, there’s a fast hack to get it to work. Instead of using Epic Games’ recommended creative map, users must input an Island Code in the Creative menu to access another version of the NBA 75 All-Star hub.

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

To go to Island Code, go to the creative menu and then to Island Code. Players should enter the following code into the box and enter the Hub: 2165-0294-6080?v=3.

High Hoops Spray

There will be a variety of baskets to throw balls into. And each of which should have a red mark beneath it. The mark will turn green whenever a ball is hurled into it correctly. Players’ progress toward the mission should now appear on the screen.

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

To unlock the High Hoops Spray, you must make a total of 27 baskets. When players return to the main Fortnite menu screen, it should appear and can be equipped from there.

The NBA 75 All-Star Hub will be available until 10 a.m. ET on February 23, 2022, giving players just over a week to complete the challenge and earn the Spray. The Hub not only includes basketball courts but also picture booths and lounge rooms where you can hang out with your online buddies.

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