Fortnite: How To Get Jordan Skins, Jumpman Challenges

It’s a fresh month in the Fortnite Item Shop, which indicates a new batch of digital items has been added to the ever-growing Fortnite market. The new inventory features a collaboration with Jordan, updated with new things, as well as the continuous availability of the latest Marvel hero. The Fortnite Item Shop for December 2, 2021, is now open!

The latest Jumpman AKA Jordan cosmetics collection is the biggest inclusion today. 2 years had passed since Fortnite and Jordan collaborated, but today’s partnership is revived in new color schemes and with new Jordans on their soles!

How To Get Jordan Skins

If you possess the connected characters, you’ll get up to 5 free cosmetic goodies, such as four variant looks, in addition to a good deal of XP as the Chapter 2 finale approaches.

Similar to the previous Balenciaga collaboration, this new collaboration will bring with it a Creative Mode map. Players can explore and roam around on this new map. You must follow a few precise actions in order to finish the Trickshot tasks. They are as follows:

  • Go to the Jumpman Zone – Creative Code: 9377-7330-8940
  • Finishing the game’s scavenger hunt and executing all trick shots when required are among the steps you’ll observe upon arriving.
Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Trickshot Challenges

4th Zone Trickshot
  • 45,000 XP
6th Zone Trickshot
  • Hangtime Playmaker Skin (Blue)
  • Crossover Swish Skin (Dark)
  • 45,000 XP
8th Zone Trickshot
  • 45,000 XP
10th Zone Trickshot
  • Hangtime MVP Skin (Silver)
  • Downtown Swish Skin (Silver)
  • 45,000 XP
12th Zone Trickshot
  • Deep In The Paint Spray
  • 45,000 XP

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  1. So if we don’t buy the skin, will we get the skin for free once you complete the challenges? Or do free to play players only get the spray?

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