Fortnite: How to redeem free 2000 V-Bucks? Am I qualified?

Maybe ’tis the season for free things?! During the times of the ‘BER’ months, a fun thing to do on top of the list would be shopping! May it be shopping in malls or in in-stores, there’s this certain satisfaction of purchasing. But the real problem surrounding (and even stopping us) shopping would be our budget. Fortunately, if you’re a Fortnite player, you may want to stay here with us to know if you are qualified for this one. You can know with us how to redeem free 2000 V-Bucks in the game!

The word ‘free’ may have caught you at first read, but do know that it’s not really free. Although, this would be helpful for players who often purchase in the in-game shop. Let’s start shopping, shall we?

Are you qualified for the free V-Bucks?

Let’s first know if you are eligible for the free V-Bucks. It would be better to know first if you are qualified, right? If you’re not sure how then just follow the steps below.

  • Firstly, head over to the in-game settings of Fortnite. So this Settings tab includes all necessary adjustments when you play, the graphics preferences, audio preferences, and such, so go there.
Redeem 2000 V-Bucks in Fortnite, settings
Image Courtesy of Epic Games
  • From there, you may want to access the Account and Privacy Tab. You may see it on the upper right, in case you’re quite lost. If you opened the tab, scroll down to the Recent Purchases option, then Return or Cancel Purchase.
Redeem 2000 V-Bucks in Fortnite, return purchases option
Image Courtesy of Epic Games
  • You would be able to see if there are available Return Tickets on the right part tab. It’s usually in white and written how many Return Tickets you have.
  • Make sure you click the Recent Purchases option which leads you to a new screen. Then voila, you can see which items you can return and refund V-Bucks!
Redeem 2000 V-Bucks in Fortnite, return ticket
Image Courtesy of Epic Games
  • Have in mind that you may only refund purchases that were made within the last 30 days. Also, Battle Pass, starter packs, and the levels are not eligible for a refund.

How to redeem 2000 V-Bucks in Fortnite?

  • Once you followed the steps above, do you have a Return Ticket there? If so, we hope you can enjoy your free V-Bucks, players! That’s the easiest thing to do to have free V-Bucks, use your Return Ticket, although read below to know more!
    • We may word it as ‘free’, but do know that when you use the Return Ticket, you lose the item you used it on. So if used a Return Ticket to any skin, you get a V-Bucks refund for it, but you lose it as well. So we hope we made it clear to you here!
Redeem, return ticket success
Image Courtesy of Epic Games
    • Fortnite may have made this Return Ticket for players who often purchase on their shop, and later on, do not enjoy the item, regret it even. This one’s for you! We hope you get the Return Ticket’s purpose crystal clear, players. Don’t use it on your favorite skins, please!
    • Starting last year, in October 2021, Fortnite gives Return Tickets to every 365 days to its players. 365 days start ticking upon using the ticket, so if you used it today, expect it by next year, October 19th, 2023. That’s quite a long while to wait for, but that’s worth it too! 

That’s all you have to know how to redeem 2000 V-Bucks in Fortnite! Got yours?

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SOURCE: Epic Games

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