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In this article, we will discuss how to ride a wolf and other possible animals in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. Wildlife has long been a part of Fortnite, and it has helped to diversify the gameplay by introducing new variables. Wolves, boars, raptors, and other animals are the new additions to the game, however, they were typically hostile toward players.

Fortnite: How to Ride a Wolf in Chapter 3 Season 3

Regardless of the species, fans want one thing which is the chance to ride these creatures after they were tamed. Finally, the devs have responded to these suggestions. You can now ride wolves and boars as of Chapter Three, Season Three. These creatures can be employed to speed up map rotations and even deal charge damage to foes in their way.

  • You can also utilize their weapons and construct structures while riding these animals, adding a new element to the game as animals can be employed to outmaneuver foes in battle.
    • Animals, on the other hand, have a lesser health pool, which makes them an easier target for enemies.
    • Animals have a boost meter that may be utilized to sprint with them, and when it reaches zero, the animal will go to sleep, making them temporarily unable to ride.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: Enable Visual Sound Effects to find nearby animals.

  • You can tame these animals by feeding them meat collected from enemies and ground items.
  • This will allow them to restore their rest time faster. Animals can be is all over the area, so finding them isn’t difficult.


One of the difficulties in Chapter 3 Season 3’s Zero Week quests batch is to hop onto a Wolf or Boar’s back in Fortnite. This is an overview of a fun new feature in which you can tame and ride wild animals to your heart’s desire.

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All you have to do to mount and ride a wolf or boar in Fortnite is jump on their back. Yes, it’s as straightforward as the goal suggests. Keep in mind that you’ll be receiving damage from the animal while attempting to ride it, but after you do so, the creature will be in your control as long as you keep them breathing.

Wolves are vicious monsters in Fortnite. They attack every enemy who approaches them and pursues them until they die, making them quite difficult to deal with at times.


  • There are two ways to tame these wolves.
    • To begin, place some meat in front of them, and the animal’s face should be having question marks, rendering it neutral for a short period of time. Using your action key, you may then approach them and ride them.
    • The other approach requires you to leap directly onto the wolves’ backs and land correctly. If the wolf spots you first, it will knock you out. And if you can climb on their back, though, you’ll be able to maneuver the wolf and have a deadly companion to help you win.

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