Fortnite: How To Unlock Free Guy Emote

We all know, how Fortnite’s collaborations with other studios are a regular and hype-worthy phenomenon. This week with the release of Ryan Reynold’s Free Guy, Fortnite has introduced a new cool Free Guy-inspired material to the game. It’s exciting news for the fans of the movie as they get to use a new Emote.

It is not that simple though, as they will first need to complete five quests to unlock the Free Guy Emote. These quests can be taken from ATM slots spread all over the map, including every gas station and point-of-interest in the game.

There are a total of 6 challenges but one can be completed only after you unlock the emote. Also, note that you will need to visit an ATM every time you want to start a new quest. This is because they don’t automatically appear in your quest log. So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Get hit by a moving vehicle

Well, what you need to do in this challenge is pretty much self-explanatory. You need to get hit by a vehicle and we’ll recommend that you do it with a friend. Using this method, you can hit each other as many times as you want to, without conceding any damage. But if you are a lone wolf, and like to do things solo, do this. Set up a ramp for the vehicle to roll down and then stand in front of it so that you take less damage.

Place coins around the map

For this quest, you will need to head to specific locations and plant three coins. When you accept the challenge and open the map, you will see a lot of locations with a coin symbol on them. Just head to any three of these locations of the island and plant the coins.

Revive or reboot teammates, or interact with campfires

This one is also fairly simple but will require you to go in the duo or squad mode. Play with friends and ask them to get some damage, so that you can revive them later. If you want to go solo, then you can instead interact with campfires, and you’ll be able to get past this challenge as well.

Take Melee Damage

It is pretty much easy to understand. All you have to do is get in very close range to an opponent so that they use melee instead of other weapons. You can also follow another player/opponent to their exact landing location. At this point they will not have guns, so you’ll have to hope that they attack back with a melee.

Talk with any NPC

This doesn’t require much explanation as you just need to interact with any non-playable character. Just head to any of the NPCs on the Island’s map and complete a dialogue exchange.

That’s it, CONGRATS! You have now successfully unlocked the free guy Emote. Lastly, you’ll need to complete just one more quest to complete all of the six Free Guy Emote Challenges.

Use Free Guy Emote near an opponent – This is the last challenge among the six and this cannot be done without Free Guy Emote. It’s self-explanatory and you just need to use the Free Guy Emote near an opponent to complete it.

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