Sunny has a new Epic mission that needs gamers to “hunt an infected animal”. This simply means that you must slaughter one of the island’s wildlife. Get to know where to hunt for one with the help of this article!


  • Parasites attach themself to both wild and human lifeforms. They may appear to be a nuisance at first because they deplete your HP while attached!
  • However, they do give a benefit. The parasites will defend gamers from headshot damage while also speeding up their movement and allowing them to leap higher.

Where and How to Hunt an Infected Animal

There are a variety of places where you can look for either of the infected wildlife. Any creature can become infected, so finding good spawn areas for chickens, wolves, or boars is a good idea.

BOARS Colossal Crops and Pleasant Park
RAPTORS Boney Burbs and Stealthy Stronghold
FROGS Lazy Lake and Misty Meadows (near the water)
WOLVES Boney Burbs
CHICKEN Around Pleasant Park and Corny Complex.

The creature can be shot with a firearm or attacked with a combat weapon. It’s important to remember that as soon as the parasite has separated from the animal, it will jump on you! That is, of course, if you’re nearby.

It’s important to refrain from the creature and hunt it from afar unless you are willing to sacrifice some HP in return for additional speed!

How to Remove the Parasite

  • There are several options for getting rid of the parasite if the mission is finished but the parasite is still affixed to you. Jumping into a water source is the simplest method.
  • Once the parasite becomes soaked, it will quickly separate from the gamer. Since the parasite does not like fire or gunfire, it may disconnect if a gamer rushes into a roaring fire or is assaulted by enemies.

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