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Fortnite chapter 3 Season 1 has come up with a lot of interesting things. Players are appreciating the amalgamation of the old and new chapter 3 map. Now to boost the excitement level of the players Fortnite’s Winter fest 2021 event is happening from 16th December to 6 January 2022. One of the most interesting of this event is that players are asked to “travel while having Icy Feet at least 200 meters.”

Players have received a frenzy of free goodies, gifts, and exclusive content as part of Winterfest 2021. The Matrix glider is one of the free rewards available during the holiday event. These kinds of freebies can be obtained by unwrapping presents in Sgt. Winter’s lodge. Fans can also earn bonus XP by completing one new winter-themed task per day.

Icy Feet

  • Icy Feet is nothing it’s just blocks of ice around the player’s Feet. When they are hit by a Chiller Grenade or by attacking the snowmen littered about Fortnite Island, then the players develop ice around their feet.
  • This allows the players to slip and slide around the map. Moreover, they’ll need to travel a certain distance with these on their feet to complete the Winterfest challenge.
Image courtesy of Epic Games

How to get Icy Feet

  • Firstly you can get Icy Feet by collecting some Chiller Grenades and throwing them directly at the ground in front of you. This will create a radial blast of frost that temporarily encases your feet in ice.
  • Secondly, you can also get Icy Feet while inside a Sneaky Snowman. The best place to find these is at Greasy Grove. Hit them with your pickaxe and then start running for 200m.
  • This method is more challenging because it has some added risk of you being eliminated by enemy players before you can finish running the full distance. You can also manage to find a bunch of snowmen near Camp Cuddle.

How to travel with Icy Feet

  • After getting the Icy Feet, you are required to run 200 meters. Since it is difficult to run with Icy Feet, the best way to complete the quest is to stand at the top of a steep hill and run off the edge, sliding down in no time at all.
  • Moreover, if you use a Chiller Grenade, always be aware that the explosion will send you flying in the opposite direction that it lands. So make sure you throw it away from the direction you want to travel!

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