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On January 18, Fortnite UPDATE 19.10 was released, bringing with it the return of Tilted Towers and the addition of rare dinosaurs known as Klombo. If you tame these gentle giants with Klomberries, they will not fight you unless provoked, and they may even reward you with items.

Klombo Spawn Location

You might have to look in a few different places to find Klombo. Klombos are large, loud creatures that are difficult to overlook. You’ll most likely hear them before you see them, or you’ll notice them destroying structures and trees. Because they are so huge, they like to spawn in more open places.

Location 1 Between Tilted Towers and Sanctuary, there is a grassy meadow.
Location 2 South of the Daily Bugle, on the coast.
Location 3 Between the Daily Bugle and Sleepy Sound
Location 4 Rocky Reels and Chonker’s Speedway are located in the desert area (near Haven)
Location 5 Near Coney Crossroads

In general, if you see a lot of Klomberry plants, Klombo is typically close by. To feed it, simply toss them like any other projectile and he’ll take them in. The task is complete after you get five in his mouth, and you will receive 200,000 XP.

Can You Kill Klombos?

Unless you attack them, Klombos aren’t aggressive. They get red and throw a tantrum when they are threatened. Feeding them Klomberries will help them relax.

Feeding Klombos Klomberries does not tame them like other creatures, and they will not follow you or fight for you. However, if you give them enough Klomberries, they will spit forth goods like ammo for you.

Image Courtesy of Tabor Hill

Any weapons used against a Klombo will inflict a whopping damage equivalent to 1. So can you kill those adorable yet terrifying dragons? Short answer is no, not currently at least and you shouldn’t 😭

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