Rocket League’s second season is coming to a close, and it’s being commemorated with a new Fortnite crossover event. When the soccer car game became free to play in September, there was already one. Because both games are developed by Epic Games, expect more crossovers in the future. Between March 25 and April 9, the new Llama Rama event will take place. It consists of a series of challenges that we must complete in Rocket League in order to receive rewards in Fortnite!

Event Date

From 03/25/2021 at 5:00 p.m. CET until 04/09/2021 at 10:00 p.m. CET, the Rocket League Llama-Rama 2021 event will be active.

Remember that completing these challenges with friends and a microphone is much easier!

Challenges Guide

Challenge #1: Beyonder

  • Play three (3) games online.
  • Any game mode, win or lose!
    • Battle Ball Spray (Fortnite)
    • DJ Yonder – Topper (Rocket League)

Challenge #2: More Llama Bell

  • Score 500 points in online games.
  • In a single game or across multiple games, any game mode.
  • You will be awarded points for actions that benefit your team!
    • Scoring goals, blocking shots, assisting teammates
    • Llama Rama Loading Screen (Fortnite)
    • Llama Bell Player Anthem (Rocket League)

Challenge #3: Over Yonder

  • Score five goals, assists, or saves while playing online
  • In a single game or across multiple games, any game mode.
    • Goal –  be the last player to touch the ball before it enters the opponent’s goal.
    • Assist – hit the ball before a teammate’s goal.
    • Block – prevent the ball from entering your goal.
  • Lobby Track: Everyone Dance! (Fortnite)
  • DJ Yonder – Octane Decal (Rocket League)

Challenge #4: Umbrella Royale

  • Obtain a total of five centers or clearances.
  • In a single game or across multiple games, any game mode.
    • Clears – hit and prevent the ball from entering your goal.
    • Centers – hit the ball from a great distance to assist your teammate in making a goal.
    • Zooming Wrap (Fortnite)
    • Wheels – Umbrella Royal (Rocket League)

Challenge #5: Extra Ordinary

  • Play a single online match on any Extra Modes.
  • Any Extra Modes, win or lose!
    • Turbo Ball! Back Bling (Fortnite)
    • Player Title: Extra Ordinary (Rocket League)

Challenge #6: Winning is Everything (Rocket League)

  • The name of the challenge says it all!
  • Play and win any 10 Rocket League game mode.
  • Repeatable!
    • 20,000 XP (Rocket League)

These challenges aren’t the only way to commemorate the crossover: DJ Kaskade will perform at Fortnite’s Master Party on Saturday, March 27.

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