Animals can be tamed, killed, or “shocked” in addition to the primitive Fortnite map and new cosmetics that the game has introduced. The Mechanical Shockwave Bow fires projectiles with a targeting scheme that must be charged in order to travel the greater range.

A quick arrow is launched as the projectile. When an arrow collides with an assailant, it is launched upwards after a brief period of time. It can also be used to launch the player, teammates, and foes without causing a direct hit.

We presently have boars, wolves, raptors, chickens, and frogs in the game, with abundance more on the way, and as part of the week four weekly difficulties you’ll have to shock them all except the chickens! Well… Frogs too because they’ll be killed!

Mechanical Bow + Shockwave Grenade = Mechanical Shockwave Bow

  • Recipe: 4x Mechanical Parts, 2x Shockwave Grenades
  • Rarity: Epic / Legendary
  • DMG:  94
  • DMG / Second: 89 – 94
  • Headshot Multiplier: 2x

Shocking the Wildlife

  • It’s not difficult to “shock” an animal. The very first step you should do is to travel to the island’s wilderness locations where you can expect to see a variety of animals.
  • Locate a Raptor, Wolf, or Boar to frighten. Then, using a shock wave grenade or a shock wave bow, hit the animal. It will work if you hit it directly, but it will also work if you hit it close to the target. The solution is straightforward.
  • You can also use shock grenades, but that will result in 30 shock waves.

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