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The newest season of Fortnite MEGA has just been released, and players are eagerly exploring the exciting changes in store. With so many updates, it’s hard to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you find the best landing spots in Fortnite MEGA Chapter 4, Season 2.

Best Landing Spots in Fortnite MEGA

  1. Mega City
  2. Lonely Labs
  3. Knotty Nets
  4. Kenjutsu Crossing
  5. Shattered Slabs
  6. Steamy Springs
  7. Brutal Bastion
  8. Slappy Shores

Mega City

This POI is the ultimate loot haven, with vehicles and grindable rails that will give you the edge you need to survive intense scenarios. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on all the action and adventure waiting for you at this epic new location.

Fortnite MEGA Chapter 4, Season 2 Landing Spot
Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Lonely Labs

  • Imagine a cozy hideaway perched on a frosty iceberg, far away from the bustling chaos of Fortnite island. That’s Lonely Labs, a small outpost that has always been a refuge for players who crave a “quiet” start.
  • While it’s not exactly “lonely,” it’s the perfect spot to hunker down and gear up before venturing out to explore the flashy new locations in Chapter 4, Season 2 of Fortnite MEGA.

Knotty Nets

  • A hidden gem in Chapter 4, Season 2! This stunning island oasis nestled in the southeastern part of the map is the perfect landing spot for players looking to strike the perfect balance between looting and combat.
  • With houses beautifully spread out, you won’t have to rush through your scavenging spree. Take your time and soak in the incredible scenery as you gather top-tier loot, and then confidently gear up for action. Knotty Nets is the ultimate destination for players who want to level up their game in style!

Kenjutsu Crossing

  • You’ll find an open terrain that’s perfect for keeping an eye on your surroundings. And if you’re a fan of the high ground, you’re in luck – the main palace in this area is an ideal vantage point to keep tabs on any sneaky opponents.
  • Whether you’re looking to stock up on weapons or simply sharpen your skills, Kenjatsu Crossing is the place to be.

Shattered Slabs

  • As you descend onto this marvelous landscape, a breathtaking marble slab quarry awaits you, teeming with a bounty of top-notch gear and essential items.
  • Amongst the loot, you’ll discover the coveted Slap Juice and Slurp Barrels, eagerly waiting to be shattered for a revitalizing health boost. Get ready to gear up and slurp up, because this quarry is a treasure trove you won’t want to miss.

Steamy Springs

  • With an abundance of houses to scour through, it’s the perfect spot to start the game. Plus, as you navigate through the village’s winding alleys, you’ll stumble upon several well-placed covers to shield you from potential dangers.
  • This location boasts a handful of traditional Japanese-style houses to loot, providing ample opportunities for a squad to gear up.
Fortnite Steamy Springs
Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Brutal Bastion

  • Are you a thrill-seeking, adrenaline-fueled gamer who craves heart-pounding action from the get-go? Look no further than Brutal Bastion! As the second-largest point of interest after MEGA City, it’s a magnet for players eager to get in on the action.
  • But be warned: competition for weapons is fierce, so gear up and get ready to fight for your survival.

Slappy Shores

  • With an abundance of precious metal and a legendary slurp factory, your team can easily gain a full shield in the blink of an eye.
  • But beware, as the word has gotten out about this treasure trove, competition has become fierce. If the battle bus is even remotely close, prepare for an all-out brawl to claim your rightful share of the spoils.

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