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Tomatohead is a mascot for the fictitious restaurant Pizza Pit, as well as one of Fortnite’s mascots. This is a long-running POI in Fortnite. Along with Durrr Burger, Sticks, and Butter Barn, it is one of the many fictional restaurants that have appeared in-game.

In Season 1, Chapter 3 introduces the Fortnite Pizza Party. While consumables are nothing new in Fortnite, the Pizza Party is unique in that the pizza slices contained within a Pizza Party box can restore a considerable amount of shield in a single huge swallow.

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Players, on the other hand, haven’t been able to try any of the restaurants’ meals until now. Players may now enjoy eight slices of cheesy delight thanks to the Pizza Pit’s ovens being turned on.

Fortnite Pizza Party

Pizza Party is a brand-new Fortnite consumable. Pizza Party boxes are an Epic rarity and have a stack size limit of one. To play with a Pizza Party, simply toss it on the ground. The pizza box will be opened, displaying eight scrumptious pizza slices as a result of this action.

  • You can either consume a slice of pizza right out of the box or add one to your inventory from here. Players in Fortnite can handle up to two pizza slices at once.
  • These Pizza Party kits include hand-crafted pizzas made using Fortnite’s powerful Mushrooms. Each slice of pizza provides 50 shield to the person who eats it. Pizza slices, like Minis, will not get you past 50 shield.
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