Fortnite Rules Explained, What Are They?

Fortnite Rules are an informal set of guidelines adhered to by the game’s culture. Rule 12, 13, 23, 24, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 63, 64, and 69 are among the most well-known submissions in the code. That’s a lot to remember, so save this checklist to your computer and refer to it whenever a new Fortnite rule arises.




Whatever a gamer says can and will be used against them, according to Fortnite’s 12th rule. Before you say something over your headset or type it into the in-game chat, think about what you’re about to say.


Whatever a Fortnite gamer says can and will be morphed into something else, according to Rule 13. Simply making one rash remark on YouTube could turn you into a YouTube meme but not in a pleasant manner!


Rule 23 in Fortnite states that any initiative should be approved by a majority of the squad. Kicking a teammate, choosing which mode to play, or determining where to drop can all be examples of such actions.


All gamers have the authority to intervene. While it can be aggravating when another gamer joins a shootout close to the end and in perfect health, it is an accepted part of the game and must not be criticized.


It’s simple to disprove Rule 30 in Fortnite, which states that women don’t play online. In reality, Fortnite is prominent among both men and women.


In order to compete in some invitational matches, gamers must be 13 years old or older.


Players should have supporting gameplay recordings or snapshots to corroborate any gloats, according to Fortnite rule 32. Declare to have landed a spectacular headshot or racked up a large number of kills in a single game? It had to be documented or it wouldn’t have happened!


According to Rule 33, in-game remarks should be kept to a minimum. Consider whether or not to use the audio or text chat functionalities, as it may offend others and/or turn ugly.


Explicit content linked to the game is spreading online, according to Fortnite rule 34; this guideline is essentially applicable to every video game and fanbases overall.


In Fortnite, rule 35 states that if rule 34 does not qualify now, it would in the near term.


Fortnite rule 37 states that no matter how terrible a circumstance appears to be, it is worse for some other gamer. Have you ever lost a match because of random lag? Someone else simply lost connection with the server, resulting in their Victory Royale not being credited to them.


All male and female character in Fortnite has gender-swap variants, according to the game’s 63rd rule. This indicates that there is a fan-made Jonesy as a female elsewhere on the web.


There is an alternative universe (AU) edition of Fortnite, according to Rule 64. This is undoubtedly correct, as the Fortnite multiverse is an integral component of the game’s ongoing narrative.


When “69” appears in-game or in regards to the game on social networks, Fortnite rule 69 urges gamers to react “nice.”

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