This week’s missions feature a lot of sandcastles, particularly those that require you to build and destroy them. Sandcastles can be found on beaches all over the island, which doesn’t necessarily narrow down the places of sandcastles because there are so many sandy areas on the map!

For those tasks, you’ll have to create special Fortnite sandcastles first, then demolish special sandcastles afterward. You’ll be able to determine which ones you’re looking for in Fortnite by the blue shimmer they emit once you get near.

Rainbow Rentals (Build Site #1)

Rainbow Rentals, southwest of Holly Hedges with colorful cottages, is the first destination where you can make Fortnite sandcastles. 3 luminous markings around a pair of beach chairs next to a rock on the shoreline can be interacted with to create unique sandcastles.

Dirty Docks (Build Site #2)

The second site where you can build sandcastles is on the shore to the east of Dirty Docks. Search for the beach chairs near a rocky outcropping, and you’ll see 3 luminous outlines.

Craggy Cliffs (Destroy Site #1)

Craggy Cliffs is the first place you should go when it comes to destroying sandcastles. You’ll find 3 sandcastles surrounding umbrellas if you follow the seaside east of Craggy Cliffs.

Flushed Factory (Destroy Site #2)

The next area where sandcastles can be destroyed is southeast of Flushed Factory. You can demolish 3 sandcastles on the shoreline opposite Isla Nublada (the new island that has emerged from the southwest) near a white and green patterned picnic area.

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