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You must use a Sensor Backpack to detect an Energy Fluctuation near Loot Lake as part of the week 8 Resistance tasks in Fortnite. Remember that in order to access the current Resistance quests, you must first complete all of the previous challenges.

Fortnite: Sensor Backpack

You’ll be allowed to proceed with the current week’s tasks once you’ve done so. You must visit two particular areas on the island within the same match to complete the Sensor Backpack quest.

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We’ll show you all you need to know about utilizing a Sensor Backpack to locate an Energy Fluctuation in Fortnite in this article.

Week 8 Resistance Quests in Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 3

  • Week 8 objectives for Fortnite Resistance are now available on all platforms, and one of this week’s challenges is to use the Sensor Backpack to locate an energy fluctuation surrounding Loot Lake.
  • While the mission is self-explanatory, you may encounter difficulties in locating the Sensor Backpack in the first place.
    The tough part of this challenge is locating the energy fluctuation, which many Fortnite fans are having a hard time looking for.
(Stage 1/2)  Establish Device Uplink Near Sanctuary or Rocky Reels
(Stage 2/2)  Talk to Mancake, Bao Bros, and Lil Whip – 23,000 XP
(Stage 1/2)  Establish Device Uplink Near The Daily Bugle or The Joneses
(Stage 2/2)  Destroy trash laying around Sanctuary (8) – 23,000 XP
(Stage 1/3)  Establish Device Uplink Near Shifty Shafts or Logjam Lumberyard
(Stage 2/3)  Collect Signal Jammers (3)
(Stage 3/3)  Swim in water – 23,000 XP
(Stage 1/3)  Establish Device Uplink Near Seven Outpost I or Synapse Station
(Stage 2/3)  Equip the Sensor Backpack
(Stage 3/3)  Use the Sensor Backpack to find an energy fluctuation around Loot Lake – 23,000 XP

Locations – Sensor Backpacks in Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 3

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  • The Sensor Backpack is typically discovered in one of two sites on the island in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2.
    • West of Titled Towers and southeast of Camp Cuddle is the first Sensor Backpack.

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    • The second Sensor Backpack can be discovered near Rocky Reels, south of Tilted Towers.

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  • To locate an energy fluctuation, simply go to Loot Lake, near The Fortress, after obtaining one of the Sensor Backpacks. When you get to the above-mentioned spot, you’ll notice orange waves on the ground.
  • The Sensor Backpack will begin beeping throughout this procedure, indicating that an energy fluctuation is approaching you. Finally, to scan the energy fluctuation, push the interaction button.

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The challenge will then be declared finished, and you will receive 23,000 XP as a reward for your efforts.

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