Fortnite: Slurp Barrels Location, Where To Find

With the new update comes new locations for Slurp Barrels. They’re a great way to gather health and shield if you need either. If you want to know the most reliable places to get Slurp, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the three spots that you can always visit for the much-needed item!

Gas Stations

Gas stations are one of the most reliable areas to find Slurp. They average a drop rate of around 5 Slurps per station. Not only that, but these places also have an abundance of other loot from chests to vehicles and vending machines. The drawback is they attract many people, so get ready for a fight if you decide to go here.

The Offshore Ship

A ship will randomly spawn at sea in different locations in each match. You’ll find around 12 Slurp barrels here each visit, and not many drop by here. However, choosing this spot ensures that you’re close to the map’s edge. You’ll have to move far to get to the circle, so act fast if you go to this spot.

Frosty Fields

Formerly called the Tilted Towers, the Frosty Fields will have a go-to location for Slurp. That is the Slurp truck half-buried in snow. Breaking it open will yield a lot of Slurp, enough to max out shields and health. However, since this is a single location, someone else may beat you to it.

Now that you know where to find Slurp, you’ll have an idea of how to drop or navigate your route to take advantage of them!

Image Courtesy of Epic Games
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  1. Nice article. One thing has changed since update 19.30 a few days ago however. The line in your article – “A ship will randomly spawn at sea in different locations in each match” was correct before the latest update. However since then the loot boat is only spawning about every seventh match.

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