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The iconic Web Shooters from Spider-Man are the latest unique item available in Fortnite. The Mythic item is a godsend for gamers who want to cross large distances rapidly, scale walls, and take evasive action, but locating Peter Parker’s helpful device is more difficult than most people think.

  • While the Web Shooters are now available, they will not be available in any treasure chests. Instead, they may be in Spider-Man’s Backpack. There are about 30 of them around the island.
  • The map below shows precise areas where players can find Web Shooters, with an even dispersion almost everywhere except in the island’s core portion. Because Spider-Man appears to have placed all of the backpacks on the walls himself, players should seek suspicious-looking webs on vertical surfaces.

Where to find Spider-Man’s Web Shooters

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  • Simply interact with any bag to open it and reveal Spider-Web Man’s Shooters. The essential new tool allows players to fly through the air swiftly by shooting and swinging towards almost any surface.
  • When the web breaks free from the surface, the user leaps into the air and fires at a different target. It also allows players to web-surf, which can be towed by a moving vehicle. When utilizing the Web Shooters, players will not take any fall damage, making it a highly desirable item.
  • The Web Shooters’ mechanics have been gaining praise from most fans. They will most likely remain in most players’ arsenals. Skilled players can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

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