Summer 2021 is approaching, which signifies Fortnite designers are working on introducing surfboards and other exciting in-game accessories to gamers so they can the heat!

Fortnite Surfboard

  • In order to use the new in-game surfboard, Fortnite gamers must switch to Creative mode rather than Battle Royale mode.
  • Gamers can access their toolboxes from here and find the Surfboard Spawner. This allows loopers to put surfboards anywhere they want. Gamers can jump on the surfboards with the action toggle!

  • The water will catapult Fortnite gamers forward or reverse once they have mounted. Players can use the water’s movements to have some summer thrill, with the choice of getting a boost, similar to racing a boat!

More Summer Fun!

Boats, fishing rods, and fishing areas have all been incorporated to Fortnite’s Creative mode, in addition to surfboards. Just a few hours ago, FNCreative Twitter feed revealed that a Creative competition for gamers who want to showcase their summer fun with everyone had started!

  • The Summer Creator Callout competition urges participants to enjoy all of the tropical and occasional items that have been introduced to the game’s Creative mode.
  • Loopers who produce a fun and entertaining map for gamers will be spotlighted in the upcoming Fortnite Summer event. Epic Games motivates participants to innovate by designing racing events or fishing tournaments!
  • To participate, go to THIS WEBSITE, fill up the form, and submit your entry!

“All game types are eligible for submission, but we’ll be looking for experiences that really leverage summer fun. Create a beach race experience, have a fishing competition with your friends, or go on an adventure and complete quests in your own world.” 

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