Season 1 in Chapter 3 of Fortnite is teeming with exciting new content. Season quests are one of the most interesting parts of the game, and the new chapter’s first season is not lacking in it. One of these Season quests is the “Destroy and collect telescope parts in a single match”.

The Quest

The quest requires you to destroy and collect three telescope parts, and that too in a single match. The quest has a deadline that ends on the 22nd of November. The reward is 25K XP.

In total, there are nine telescopes located at the Seven Outposts on the island. Players can choose which location they want to make their way to. The locations of the telescopes are provided below.

  • Camp Cuddle: Head north from here and cross the river to reach the Outpost. The telescope is located on the north side.
  • Condo Canyon: The Outpost is located along the straight road from Condo Canyon
  • Coney Crossroads: The Outpost is located southwest of the Crossroads, on the southeastern shore of the large lake. The telescope is located on the eastern side
  • Daily Bugle: The Outpost is located northeast of the Daily Bugle. The telescope is located outside of the building near a large tree
  • Greasy Grove: Reach the southwest of Greasy Grove and climb the hill. The telescope is located in a building on the north side of the Outpost
  • Logjam Lumberyard: Climb the mountain northwest of the Lumberyard. The telescope is located in the Outpost there.
  • Sanctuary: There are three telescopes at the Sanctuary.
    • One can be found next to the garage near the Seven Outpost located north of the A on the map.
    • The second one is located southeast of the Sanctuary. On a small, crescent-shaped island on the south side of the bay, the telescope is located next to a door in the building.
    • The third one is found on the largest island at the center of the bay. On its north side, there are two buildings. The telescope is located in the left building next to a chest.
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