In Fortnite, a new set of “This Week” Quests is now accessible, and one of them is the use of Kinetic Ore to cover ground. While many fans will already be extremely familiar with how to use Kinetic Ore to move, some players might not be aware of a technique that can be employed to enhance the distance that is covered. In this article, we will give tips and tricks to maximize the use of Fortnite’s Travel Distance using Kinetic Ore.

Fortnite: Travel Distance using Kinetic Ore

The most recent method of quick travel in Fortnite is using a Kinetic Ore. Players must use Kinetic Ore to cover a specific amount of ground using this feature. You will gain 80,000 XP or one level after successfully completing the assignment. This quest is not that hard though this will take some time to finish.

  1. Shattered Slabs

    Screengrab Courtesy of oShven via YouTube
    • Going to Shattered Slabs is the first step in accomplishing this task. The location will likely have a lot of competition for players. Landing on the edge and moving inward, taking out one target at a time, is an effective strategy for securing the POI.
  2. Find Kinetic Ore on the ground

    Screengrab Courtesy of oShven via YouTube
    • Due to its big size and purple color. It could be on the ground or being lifted into the air by a crane. Some are even present on the edges. Rocky Docks is a location where you can also find a single piece of Kinetic Ore west of shattered slabs.
  3. Aim the Kinetic Ore to any direction you choose and hit using Harvesting Tool

    Screengrab Courtesy of oShven via YouTube
      • Kinetic Ore will move in the direction of the East if players strike it from the West. In the same way, if you strike it from below, it will move in an upward arc. Using bullets/arrows during the charging sequence is not advisable.
    • Strike the kinetic ore with a harvesting tool. The Kinetic Ore will be charged up and shine a bright light after being struck a few times. The trajectory guide should now be visible on the screen.
  4. Stand on the Kinetic Ore

    Screengrab Courtesy of oShven via YouTube
    • The moment the Kinetic Ore is charged and ready to go, players should stop hitting it and stand on it. Avoid moving to its edge as you might fall to the ground.

You shouldn’t expect to complete the quest in a single launch. Players will need to travel on a lot of Kinetic Ores, so you should prepare to work on multiple matches. You must cover a total distance of 1,900 meters in 5 stages.

The distances rise gradually:

  • 1st Stage – 50 meters
  • 2nd Stage – 100 meters
  • 3rd Stage – 250 meters
  • 4th Stage – 500 meters
  • 5th Stage – 1,000 meters.
  • Each stage’s completion awards 16,000 experience points.
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