Epic Games recently introduced the Trespasser Elite skin for Fortnite. Fans are certainly thrilled and electrified by this new development in the game. The Trespasser Elite skin can be a little dicey to get because it will not be available in the item shop or the battle pass.

  • The Fortnite Trespasser elite skin is a promotional skin offered by StreamElements which is completely free for the players to acquire in the game. It is a promo on YouTube to Fortnite streamers for using the services of StreamElements.
  • StreamElements is a streaming integration that has a stock of amazing overlays. Streamers will have to connect their streaming accounts to the website and take advantage of various elements to use, such as transitions, overlays, backgrounds, etc.
  • The usage of a  promotional StreamElements overlay by the players is required to stream the game for 10 hours to get the Fortnite Trespasser Elite Skin. Consequently, by unlocking the redeem code they will get their hands on the new skin free of cost. 

A guide to unlocking Fortnite Trespasser Elite skin 

Unfortunately, no official guides are provided by Epic Games for unlocking the Fortnite Trespasser Elite skin from StreamElements. However, players can get the skin following this guide.

1: Go to the StreamElements website and log in with your YouTube account.

2: Look into the partnerships tab under the revenue section where the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 challenge option is provided.

3: Click on the apply now button when the option is available, and it provides players with further instructions.

4: After getting accepted in the challenge, streamers are prescribed to complete the 10 hours of streaming with 5+ concurrent viewers using the downloadable overlay.

5: After completing the challenge, players get a redeem code for the Fortnite Trespasser Elite skin. This code will be for the upcoming Operation Skyfire live event. 

The question is will Fortnite Trespasser Elite skin be available in the item shop? Till now, the Trespasser Elite skin is promotional. However, it may arrive in the item shop in a bundle and cost 1,500 V-bucks. 

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