Season 7 of Fortnite began roughly three weeks ago, and since then, many gamers have been frantically searching for Alien Artifacts. You can use these interplanetary collectibles to personalize the Battle Pass’s Kymera cosmetic in the game’s most recent season. Alien Artifacts are highly sought after as a result, and a brand new collection is set to debut in Fortnite Week 4!

Week 4 Alien Artifacts Location

  • Steamy Stack Alien Artifact
    • At Steamy Stacks, gamers should focus on the west side of Building 4. The first Alien Artifact is located on top of a pale blue tube that runs along the structure’s facade on this side.
  • Holly Hedges Alien Artifact
    • There is a nursery near the center of Fortnite’s map, Holly Hedges, and it houses a plethora of plants and equipment. At the south end of this area, the Alien Artifact is hidden beneath some steel shelving.
  • Weeping Woods Alien Artifact
    • The huge log facility on the east side of Weeping Woods houses an Alien Artifact. When entering this building, gamers should look up because the collectible is floating in mid-air.
  • Lazy Lake Alien Artifact
    • At the northwest corner of Lazy Lake, there is a large yellow house. The fourth Alien Artifact is hidden among some shelving and boxes in the shed behind that house.
  • Dirty Docks Alien Artifact
    • Gamers looking for the last Alien Artifacts of the week should head to the northeast corner of Dirty Docks. This site has a blue steel warehouse, and the item is underneath the exterior staircases on the north side.

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