Week 9 of Fortnite added five more artifacts to the game’s map and some fans are having trouble finding them. Fret not, cause we are here to solve any and every problem you might face. Fortnite’s alien artifacts are floating canisters that allow you to customize the new Battle Pass Kymera skin. Around five such artifacts spawn in different places in the game’s map. So, with week 9 now wrapping up, here is where and how you can find all these artifacts.

The Locations

Forget all the troubles you might be facing while finding these alien artifacts by following this simple location guide. All you need to do is read it till the end and you will successfully collect all five of them.

1. Near Holly Hedges

Head towards a tiny island exactly west of Holly Hedges. You’ll spot a yellow shack which is basically, the only thing on the island. Enter the shaft, look in front of the TV, and you’ll find your artifact.

2. Near Weeping Woods

For collecting this one, you’ll need to head towards the shack near the spiral staircase on the west side of Weeping Woods. To do that first of all mark the staircase on the map, so that you don’t get lost. Use the Battle Bus and jump off from it directly onto the staircase. Look around and you’ll find a shack at its base, where you’ll see the artifact.

3. Island near Craggy Cliffs

Head towards the island just northwest of Craggy Cliffs. You’ll find the artifact located under a raised shack with an entrance blocked by large stones. You just need to destroy the stones and then you can collect your artifact.

4. Gas Station

Head north of Lazy Lake inside a gas station which is just towards the east of Aftermath. Aftermath as you must know is the giant purple spot on the map. Just follow the road heading north of the lake, turn left when coming to a dead end and you’ll reach the station. You’ll find the artifact right in front of you as you enter the station.

5. IO Base

Well, getting this particular artifact might be a little tough but we’ll guide you through it. It is located at an IO Base east of Weeping Woods and west of Lazy Lake. You can find it resting on a satellite with a glowing red light. To reach there, you can build up to it. Another way to reach there is that when you exit the Battle Bus, make sure you land directly on it.

Congratulations, you have collected all 5 artifacts for week 9 of Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 7. Keep playing and wait for the new artifacts to spawn when we enter week 10.

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