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In this article, we will discuss All Week 9 Missions in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2. We will also tackle how to complete each task at hand. Good luck!

You must complete objectives such as utilizing an Ascender, fixing vehicles, and more. Here is the quick rundown of Week 9 challenges for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

Fortnite: Season 2, Week 9 Challenges

When a new season of Fortnite starts, one of the most exciting things to do is look through the Battle Pass to see which skins you want to acquire. You’ll need a lot of XP to level up in order to collect them all.

Weekly challenges, also known as Seasonal Quests, are the greatest way to accomplish this. A new set of Seasonal Quests will be introduced each week, giving you about nine objectives to accomplish in order to get a significant amount of XP in the game.

On the in-game Quest Page, you can simply access all of your tasks. This guide will assist you in completing every quest and quickly leveling up your Battle Pass.

  • While the majority of the challenges are self-explanatory, the more difficult ones have been broken down in detail. On the subject of the third quest, obtaining an IO vehicle on the Fortnite Chapter 3 Island will be difficult.
  • The IO vehicle spawns in several areas across the game. All IO satellite stations provide a guaranteed spawn spot. After you’ve found the vehicle, all you have to do now is shoot the tires to accomplish the task.
  • The final objective, which asks you to locate red toolboxes, is rather simple if you know exactly where they are. These are usually found within house garages.



Call in an Air Strike at The Collider or The Fortress

  • Drop-in a crowded region like Tilted Towers or Command Cavern and k Keep an eye out for a little canister that symbolizes the legendary Air Strike.
  • Once you’ve got it, head to The Fortress or The Collider and toss the Air Strike canister in the middle of the area.
    • You’ll get credit for finishing the mission once the fire has been put out.

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Drive a Battle Bus or Fly a Choppa to Command Cavern

  • Riding a Choppa might be easier to fulfill this objective than taking the Battle Bus.
  • Four Choppas spawn in the same place every time.
    • Simply grab one and fly it to Command Cavern on the island’s northwest edge.

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Emote at Different IO Airship Crash Sites

  • Two IO crash sites can be found in the water off the east shore of the island.
  • Visit all of them and emote while standing on top of the debris to accomplish this mission.
    • You don’t have to emote at both in the same round.

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Hit an Enemy Player with a Ranger Shotgun from over 50 Meters

  • You should be familiar with how a quest like this one works by now. Find a Ranger Shotgun.
  • Then go to a place like Command Cavern, which has a lot of NPCs.
    • Stand far away from the opponent, scan them to see how far away they are, and then fire.
    • You’ll get a reward with this one as soon as you inflict damage.

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Repair a Vehicle at Synapse Station or at Chonker’s Speedway

  • This task requires you to locate a Repair Torch. They can be found at Synapse Station, Chonker’s Speedway, and anywhere else on the map. Once you’ve obtained a repair tool, go to one of the abovementioned locations and cause damage to almost any surrounding vehicles.
  • Chonker’s Speedway has a car lineup right in the middle.
    • After you’ve dealt 200 damage to the car, use the repair tool to restore it and you’ll be done with the mission.

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Shoot Out Tires on IO Vehicles

  • You should be able to find IO vehicles in nearby stations if you arrive around Command Cavern.
  • One is located right south of the main area of Command Cavern.
    • If you don’t find a weapon inside, head to the main basement section to the north.
    • To complete the task, shoot three of the four tires inside this area.

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Use an Ascender and Deal Damage to Opponents Within 30 Seconds

  • To begin, go to Command Cavern to locate an airship. You’ll find an Ascender at the bottom of it.
    • This is essentially a rope that can be used to climb to the top of the airship.
    • When you interact with the Ascender, you’ll start moving up, then jump off to avoid falling damage and quickly shoot a nearby NPC.
    • To get credit for this one, make sure you deal 100 damage.

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Upgrade a Drum Shotgun at an Upgrade Bench

  • To accomplish the mission, find a Drum Shotgun on the map and take it to an Upgrade Bench to upgrade it.
  • You must upgrade a Drum Shotgun. To accomplish the upgrade, you’ll need some gold.
    • 100 gold bars are required to upgrade a common Drum Shotgun to an uncommon one.
    • If you don’t want to spend too much gold, get a common Drum Shotgun and upgrade it.

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Search Red Tool Boxes

  • Ammo boxes, also known as red Tool Boxes, can be found throughout the map with no specified areas for you to look for them.

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Week 9 will include nine tasks, each of which will reward you with 20,000 level up XP. As a result, by accomplishing all of the objectives this week, you can earn a total of 180,000 XP.
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