Fortnite: What is Pro 100? How To Play + Code

The Pro 100 Fortnite creative LTM, the second stage of the Cosmic Summer challenging task, is now live. To finish a set of obstacles, players must go into creative mode and manually access the Pro 100 Fortnite creative LTM. Here’s how!

What is Pro 100?

Gamers do not need to fret about various teams or building to gain an edge, unlike the Bios Zone War creative LTM. Pro 100 is simple to use and rewards players who have a high level of accuracy and combat prowess.

The Pro 100 is much more concise than the Bios Zone War, which has received some criticism from the community. As a result, every gamer should be able to complete the challenge without difficulty.

  • Go to Creative option after logging in.
  • Select Change.
  • Select Creative.
  • Click Play.
  • Select Island Code and enter code:
    • 3424-1388-0947


Spend coins to buy items at the vending machine in Pro 100 (0/10) 20,000 XP
Revive teammates in Pro 100 (0/20) 30,000 XP
Deal damage to players with a rocket launcher in Pro 100 (0/1000) 20,000 XP

Gamers will gain cosmetics like the Cloud Llama Board, Brain Freeze), and Beach Blast in addition to the XP rewards.

Tips + Tricks

  • The rocket launcher will set you back 360 gold and could take a while to acquire. Firing into the opponent’s spawning zone is a great way to maximize damage. Multiple players will undoubtedly be harmed as a result of this!
  • Gamers can earn extra gold by engaging with two secret items early in the match. A blue chair in the room’s corner is the first, next is a wall.  You will receive 2,000 gold coins for interacting with this, which you may use to access the vault or purchase weapons with.

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