Epic has released new mythic materials! This includes a completely new object, Alien Nanites, which was previously leaked by data-miners. Here’s all you need to learn about Alien Nanites, such as where they can be found on the map of Fortnite.

Epic Games shakes up the treasure pool at the beginning of each new season of Fortnite by bringing new goods and firearms, as well as vaulting and unvaulting materials. We haven’t had as many mythic materials obtainable in recent seasons.

Where To Find Alien Nanites

  • In Fortnite chapter 2 season 7, there are no specific spots where Alien Nanities can be found. On the other hand, they can be a ground loot, on abductors, and on spacecraft. There are no more Alien Nanites Fortnite sites available right now.

  • The best places to look for nanites are on the spacecraft or on top of abductors, as the spawn frequency for them as ground loot tends to be low. Nonetheless, there is a problem with them not deploying properly in the game, and Epic is likely working to resolve it right now. We’ll update this once Epic has resolved the problem.

Alien Nanites

  • A biome with low gravity is spawned by alien Nanites. This territory will appear as a purple-blue shield that you can go in and out of as you wish. The Kymera Ray Gun, the Pulse Rifle, and the Rail Gun can all be made with them.

Fortnite Season 4

  • There were a few Marvel-themed mythic objects in Season 4 that shifted the meta and how you approached a game of Fortnite. Even so, there are currently two mythic items obtainable this season, whereas last season it was only one mythic material obtainable at any given time.

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