Fortnite: Where to find Slap Splash | What does it do?

Fortnite: Where to find Slap Splash | What does it do?

Once again, Fortnite has introduced a new item in-game, continuing to captivate players with its ever-evolving landscape. The latest addition to the items in the game is the Slap Splash, a healing item useful for aiding you in combat. Along with healing benefits, it also provides temporary energy regeneration. When this item is used efficiently and strategically, you’ll be one step closer to the Victory Royale. Let us delve into the details of this exciting addition, including Where to find Slap Splash and what it does in Fortnite.

Fortnite Guide:
Slap Splash – Where to Find & How to Use

What does the Slap Splash do?

Fortnite’s recent update unveiled the Slap Splash, a healing item that follows the footsteps of the famous Slap Juice. With similarities to the Chug Splash, the Slap Splash offers statistical enhancements.

It provides healing benefits for yourself and your teammates when thrown against the ground nearby.

Where to find Slap Splash in Fortnite

The Slap Splash comes in two variations: Rare and Exotic. The difference between these two lies in the amount of health restored per use.

The Rare version heals for 15 HP, while the Exotic version boosts the healing to 30 HP.

  • You can acquire the Rare Slap Splashes in-game through various means, such as finding them as floor loot, inside chests, coolers, Holo-Chests, and shooting down drones at Hot Spots.
  • Additionally, eliminating Loot Llamas or opening Holo-Chests may grant you the Exotic version of the Slap Splash, offering even greater health and energy regeneration benefits.

How to Use Slap Splashes

To utilize the Slap Splash, simply hold down the aim button and press fire in the desired direction to throw the item.

  • It explodes upon impact, granting healing benefits and instantly replenishing energy for a short period.
  • With a healing power of 15 HP or 30 HP and temporary unlimited energy, they provide a tactical advantage in intense battles and tricky situations.

Strategic Utilization of Slap Splashes 

Slap Splashes offer more than just healing. Their energy restoration properties make them invaluable for aiding your team’s mobility.

  • They allow extended periods of uninterrupted sprinting.
  • For squads, it is recommended that multiple team members carry Slap Splashes to ensure everyone benefits during crucial moments.
  • With a maximum stack limit of six, it is recommended to always have a few on hand, ready for any unexpected encounters.

Consider using Slap Splashes strategically before engaging enemy teams, providing your squad with a burst of energy and health for swift and coordinated attacks.

The introduction of Slap Splashes to Fortnite’s arsenal of healing items has opened up exciting possibilities for players. Offering both healing benefits and temporary energy regeneration, these throwable items enhance mobility and enable strategic gameplay.

If you’re looking to escape dangerous situations or gain an advantage during engagements with enemies, the Slap Splash is your best friend.

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