As a part of the Uncharted film and video game series collaboration, you can find Drake’s Map while playing Fortnite. Getting the map and using it can yield tons of valuable loot so always be on the lookout. Here’s how you can increase your chances of finding a map and how to use it once you’ve got one.

Find the Map

Drake’s Map will be a legendary item that will drop along with the rest of Fortnite’s pool of loot. That means that you can find it as a drop from anywhere. Since you want to hunt for legendary items, your best bet is to open as many supply drops and chests as you can. It’s not a guarantee but you’ll have better odds of dropping a legendary that way.

Image from Fortnite

The map will be distinct and you’ll know right away if it drops. Make sure you have room in your inventory and pick it up. Once it is in your inventory, click on it.

Buried Treasure

You’ll now see a dotted line leading you to the location of the treasure. The mechanics are the same as vault keycards and treasure maps from events years back. As you get closer to the treasure, you may see a beam of light at the spot where the treasure hides.

Follow the line and you’ll see a glowing marker on the ground with a large X. Now take your pickaxe and start digging. You’ll eventually reach a glowing chest and open it up for a ton of valuable loot!

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