Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has been going on with a bang. MrBeasts’ $1 Million dollar challenge is only the tip of the iceberg. Talking of icebergs, Fortnite Winterfest is here. And it brings with it a lot of fun things to do. Including building an iceberg- I mean a snowball. The snowball is quite fun when you remain static. Although it isn’t the primary combat tactic that we here at Spieltimes would recommend. How to make giant snowball in fortnite?

Fortnite Winterfest Giant Snowball challenge

Fortnite Giant Snowball
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The Winterfest in Fortnite gives you a bunch of fun challenges to do. Alongside your Christmas presents, of course. One such challenge/quest, whatever you wanna call it, is to make a giant snowball and hide inside it. The thing is the Snowball won’t move when you’re there. And because everyone will know, you are likely to be found out and dusted to snow dust. That’s a fun way of saying they’ll beat your bum. But we have a few tricks on how to do it neatly. Read on.

How to create a giant snowball anywhere on the map with snow

Fortnite Winterfest 2022
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  1. To create the Giant Snowball, go to any location on the map where there’s plenty of snow falling. On top of the snow, swing your pickaxe until ice starts gathering.
  2. After you have spent a few good seconds doing it, the snowball shall be formed. Rest is just you interacting with the snowball to find the most obvious hiding place on the entire map.

Our advice for making the Fortnite Winterfest Giant Snowball

How to use it as a deception technique

  • The obvious advice here is to find areas on the map that is likely to make your snowball seem natural. Or another is to make multiple snowballs and hide in only one.

The correct location to make the giant snowball in fortnite

FOrtnite winterfest how to hide in giant snowball
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  1. The snowball won’t move while you’re in there, but gravity still functions in-game. Make it at the edge or slope of a mountain and put yourself there. Together with your weight the snowball will start rolling.
    • What can come afterward is a fun bizzare where you appear out of nowhere at your enemy who’s downhill. Jump outta your snowhill and act like you’re Naruto appearing out of the ground in his Chunin exam fight against Neji.
  2. Also hit the northwest side of the map for definite snow. Find a good POI and make multiple snowballs within a starting slope of a mountain, or within forest range. Hide, and bam.

How to compete for the Fortnite Winterfest Weekly Challenge

Although the snowball can be made in any corner of the map with snow, to compete for the weekly challenges you must make and hide in them in three designated locatons. Namely, Frosty Firs, Brutal Bastion, and Lonely Labs.

Now that you’re set with this, tell us how you’re enjoying Fortnite Winterfest. Also are you going to join for the MrBeast $1 Million Dollar challenge? We look forward to your responses down below.

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