Fortnite Wolves Spawn Locations, Get Wolf Fang – Complete Guide

Gamers will need to gather Wolf Fang in order to accomplish one of the event’s “Spire Quests.” To no surprise, you will need to kill Wolves to get Wolf Fang!

The majority of gamers have discovered the Velociraptors’ favorite haunts in the game by now. However, you may require additional guidance when it comes to wolves.

Wolf Spawn Location

Locating wolves not only promises an exhilarating interaction in the wilderness but also gives you the opportunity to collect wolf fangs. But first, you’ll need to figure out where to look for them. It’s worth noting that these wolves usually congregate in groups of two to three!

  • You can craft Hunter’s Cloak to make sure everything is running smoothly for yourself. This renders taming and pursuing animals, such as wolves, a tad quicker!
  • The riverbank, which runs through Catty Corner, Retail Row, and Lazy Lake, is the first and possibly most popular spot. You can continue walking along the riverbank if you don’t see any wolves there.
  • Wolves don’t just appear everywhere though; they appear in key locations on the map. For your ease, we’ve highlighted these below!

Wolf Fang

  • The great thing is that obtaining a Wolf Fang in Fortnite is extremely simple. Wolf Fangs can be collected by obviously killing any wolves you see across the island when you’ve unlocked the Spire Quest.
  • A wolf will drop meat, animal bones, and, most relevantly, a Fortnite Wolf Fang when killed.
  • Keep in mind that the game will not automatically loot this material for you, so remember to pick them up!

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