The Hall of Fame in Forza Horizon opens up new opportunities for players. It unlocks the final objectives for some of the stories and more Accolades. It will also give players access to exclusive weekly challenges and new rewards to look forward to.

Getting Invited

  • Getting an invitation to the Hall of Fame is not too difficult. However, players will have to invest quite a bit of time. Provided that players find the time to get into the game, getting enough hours is not difficult as the game keeps things interesting with numerous events, challenges, and showcases.
  • Players will have to follow the main story in the game and gain progress in the main campaign. As players complete events, Festival activities will start to get unlocked all over the different regions in Mexico.

Players will have to make sure that they satisfy two conditions:

  • Unlock all 21 Events in the Horizon Adventure map
  • Earn at least 13,000 Accolade Points

Players must complete any of the 1876 Accolades that are available in the game to unlock all the Events on the map. The list of unlockable Accolades can be viewed in the Campaign menu. Players do not necessarily have to complete the Events, but only unlock them.

Once players acquire 13,000 Accolade points, they will automatically receive an invitation to the Hall of Fame. Once the invitation shows up, players can go to the Horizon Festival headquarters to join in.

Then players can take part in The Trial for the weekly Festival Playlist, where they can earn more points and also stand a chance to acquire an exclusive rare car. Further, new Accolades will also be available to players who get into the Hall of Fame, where exclusive vehicles and rewards will await players.

It is estimated that players will need around 20-25 hours of gameplay to explore and compete in Forza Horizon 5 to reach the stage where they will be invited to the Hall of Fame.

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